Edition : January 2021


Do you need help to choose the perfect outfit for your kids? We made a selection of comfortable, colorful and most stylish pieces with helpful design. Fashion can be easy to wear and to play with. From the basics to fun prints, you can match the pieces with some imagination.

For Children One-fo-a-Kind Madison Wheelchair Friendly Shirt

How to mix prints with a touch of style? No more doubts, this skirt is the answer. With its unique combination of colorful prints, it is designed for the sitting position: and what does that mean? Which is perfect for wheelchair users, but for everyone too — after all, most of them spend the day sitting. So, this is the way to feel comfortable, wearing a cheerful look. In adaptive design, the skirt has no excess fabric, which prevents sore spots and discomfort when sitting. It has pockets and a waist with the highest back, to be perfectly adjusted. To make it easier to pull on and off, a zipper and a magnetic button finish the piece. Straight to the look? The final tip is to choose a blouse in one of the colors of the print.

Brand: è Ispirante – Creative Adaptive Clothing

Vestido Melancia
Watermelon dress

Bright colors, playing and joy: everything that is in the particular universe of children, must also be in what they wear. And, to spend even more time with imagination and good times, it needs to be easy to wear. This dress, with a super fun print of watermelons, is made with 100% cotton tricoline and has straps with pressure buttons, which opens the entire piece and makes dressing a simpler task – and adapted too, perfect for children, if them have a disability or not. You can say that it is literally a delight to use! Children also have styling tips: if you want an even more stylish look, bet on the overlay with t-shirts, short or long sleeves: pretty outfits done!

Brand: Dona Travessura

Tubie Friendly

How not to love the basic and comfortable for children? Our team really love it! Even more when they are simple to use, to combine (here, many neutral tones to match all your other looks) and that meet the necessary adaptations to wear without worries: this bodysuit has an opening on the shoulders and between legs (on crotch) and a front pocket, tubie friendly for feeding. And seasons change friendly too. We think that it’s perfect for summer days or winter at home.

Brand: Optivus


Beauty behind the madness: we need to spread this message. It’s one of the meanings of inclusion and diversity. In our differences, we need to be seen through equality. These long tees will be your children’s new favorite garments: put some color in your winter outfits.

You can choose: do you prefer the orange one or the gray? Searching for adaptive openings? The tees have snap buttons on the collar and on the arms to ease-dressing: Sport and comfy, how trendy it can be?            

Brand: Optivus

Bodysuit little monster

Drawing, children can stimulate the creativity. But what if they could wear some cute drawings? Now they can! With this jumpsuit printed with little yellow monsters, new adventures – imaginary or not – are super possible. 

With a short length on the sleeves and legs, it stays comfortable on the body and is made of 100% cotton mesh: with soft touch. One more time, no monstrous problem when dressing: the slap buttons are present between the legs, for changing diapers if you need and on the shoulders too!

Brand: Dona travessura


Women’s jacket with magnetic zipper – mint green

Go green: this pastel tone is a must-have in every wardrobe! In this jacket, you can instantly bring some freshness, even for winter looks. Level up your styling turning your garments into functional outfits too. How many time you waste choosing your clothes? Optimize it with inclusive solutions: with this magnetic zipper, for example, you can close your jacket using just one hand. It’s perfect for you! And also perfect matches with who needs adaptive pieces for any specific need. If all wardrobe is an universe. And all clothes can be universal too, just keep it in mind — and in mint too.





Brand: So-yes

Crop Top

Did you know that the crop tops dates back decades? It became popular in the ’80s and ’90s, and it is the sport that brought it into pop culture. We have seen them in from ‘Fame’, ‘FlashDance’, to The Spice Girls or Britney Spears wherein the 2000’s it flooded all genres.
The trend of the crop top will continue to rise by liberating women’s bodies. And, what is the perfect thing about the Rua Luja crop top? That it has the ideal length. No matter your height or your anatomy, it will fit you well.
Made of lightweight knit fabric with long-sleeves, makes it perfect for winter times. Designed to be practical and chic and with a block in red or grey to give personality to the garment.
With a loose fit, throw it over a basic high-neck t-shirt you don’t want to show your belly.
Now that working from home is recommended, and we spend hours and hours at home, it’s the perfect choice to feel comfy yet stylish, ready for any zoom meeting.

Brand: Rua luja

Imperfect Dragonfly T-shirt

Imperfect Dragonfly T-shirt is a baby of SB team. Created and realised this year, brought a lot of happiness, and power into SB projects. The t-shirt is promoting the idea of inclusivity, diversity and equality in fashion. A missing wing is proof that being different doesn’t mean being excluded. With motivation and the good that surrounds us; we can achieve everything, no matter who we are, where we come from, and what are our abilities; everything is possible to happen. Imperfect Dragonfly t-shirt was created to put this in your memory; you are worthy, and you are able to reach your goals despite your disability.





Brand: SB Shop

Women's Long Sleeve Prism Back Shirt

Women’s Long Sleeve Prims Back Shirt in navy colour is a great solution for people who need ease of dressing. Free from buttons, with a back split, soft and breathable material; provide you with luxury, and freedom of movement. Perfect for every occasion, created by Christina Stephens let you have both; comfort and fashion. Designed to look and feel amazing, no matter where you are or what time it is. Perfect for those who like simplicity and style.







Brand: Christina Stephens

Felicity - Top

Polka dot has always been trendy; small or big, colourful or monogram – its popularity originated in Germany in the mid-19th century. Since that time the trend has found its place on literally every garment. Madia Matilda brand decided to follow the trend and in its assortment has beautiful, front-knitted blouse with cute black dots on white material. Wide long sleeves, no shoulders and cropped bottom; provides you with unlimited access to the world of fashion. This blouse is all-in-one; makes you look cute but sexy, chick, but casual; perfect for any occasion. It can be styled with a skirt and blazer, but also with jeans and sneakers. Get one for yourself; you need it in your wardrobe.

Brand: Madia Matilda

AUF Augenhoehe

Free from buttons, zips or any hard trims, with this dress you can be yourself in any occasion or situation: it’s easy to pull on and off, with its open-back design: saying yes to the comfort when you are in a sitting or standing position. Talking about the fabric, its made with merino wool and bamboo: breathable and soft. The knee-length is super versatile and the long sleeves bring a touch of sophistication. It means an effortless elegance.

If you have any doubts to style it, just bet on textures and think about the monochromatic: it’s black, but don’t need to be basic. To start with some colours and to match with an intelligent wardrobe, you can choose sober tones, like the counterpoint with the grey neck.

Brand: AUF Augenhoehe

Smart Adaptive Clothing

Shirts are a classic in our wardrobe that should never be missing. Whatever your style, a tailoring shirt is a must in your closet.
Dress it up or down. Perfect for a work meeting or a night in with the family.
What’s so special about this SMART Adaptive Clothing shirt? While it may not look like it at first glance, both pocket and cuff have Velcro fasteners, making dressing easier. Save time for individuals and caregivers.The decorative buttons hide the uniqueness of the shirt, you won’t even tell is not a traditional button down.
With a luxurious style and feel, this shirt is made in the USA with imported fabric: 60% cotton and 40% polyester.



Brand: Smart Adaptive Clothing

Elba London

How many times have you had difficulties in finding underwear flattering? Look no more! Elba London has the comfiest ones. It may not visible (unless you want to!), but underwear needs to make us feel good, sexy and empowered. This high waist undies have it all.
Made of cotton, it is soft and gentle in our skin. The black colour gives us the sexy feel and the high waist tucks your tummy in to make a more stylish figure, if that’s something you’re worried about. In addition, the extra sheer mesh panel will give you extra support.
This versatile underwear created by Elba London offer an easy dressing, support and luxury touch to make you feel your feminine empowerment from inside.


Brand: Elba London


When you’re recovering after surgery, the most important thing is comfort. That’s why accessible and adaptable clothing is a priority to ease the struggle with dressing up. The recovawear polo t-shirt for teenage boys is a perfect solution to minimalize a trauma and facilitate daily activities. With flat seams and no tags, a t-shirt is not going to irritate your skin. It’s opening on the left and right side which simplify and improve both cosiness and recovery times. It’s made from soft-touch cotton jersey. It’s worth its price; it brings comfort during uncomfortable times.

Brand: Recovawear

Classic Logo T-Shirt

T-Shirts are a basic and versatile item in everyone’s wardrobe. Who doesn’t have one? In different colours and cuts. But, let’s face it, white and black t-shirts are still everyone’s favourite and most worn garment. Add some twist with a bold statement print in the centre of your shirt, and make the difference, with this AUF AUGENHOEHE T-Shirts.
With a classic cut and made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified), it fits both Little People and non-little people; buy a bigger size than you usually do or your usual one for a crop top fit!
Inclusive T-shirts for every body type and all sizes, they will look great en any outfit.

Brand: AUF Augenhoehe

Sport shorts

Fitness outfits can should be fashion too: and we can prove it! If your idea is to play sports, you can do it. You have the piece made with 100% polyester, so comfortable and that fits the body, designed specially for people with dwarfism. If your idea is to take the fitness style to the casual one, this shorts is one of the essential pieces to start. Neutral in black tone, which allows you several possibilities of looks: from blouses to jackets or more classic garments, but in lighter fabrics. Our styling tip: go for the mix of styles or with more brighter colors, in a very sport style. Sporty and always in style!

Brand: Via Voice for fashion

Maria Rita dress

Sneakers, rib knit dress and overlays in your garments: a street style look straight from Pinterest for our most loved pieces. Fitted in the body and with a sexy style, the dress marks the silhouette and can be in the most diverse styles: here, it still gains the hottest length of all seasons: the midi, in a purpose designed for people with dwarfism. Your possibilities to use it? Be creative! With more elaborate accessories, you can easily go to a more formal event, like a dinner. With wide shirts and blouses underneath, it gains a more creative touch. And why not a sporty outfit? Be ready to wear your sneakers and tie your denim jacket at the waist. You’re ready: and this dress is a piece of versatility. Be any version of yourself.

Brand: Via Voice for fashion

TOP Accessories

You already choose your looks: now, you found the final touch. We talk about accessories that can make your outfits level up. From bags to hand cream, take this moment to think about your self-care and found yourself into the pieces.

Poncho Bordeaux

Who doesn’t love a cosy knit poncho for the cold January days? The Ponchos has always been on-trend, don’t you remember the Burberry one that went viral? ITgirls such as Cara Delevingne or Olivia Palermo fall head over heels for it.
Knitrose is a brand specialised in knit garments. Easy on and easy off items, specially designed for wheelchair users or women with reduced mobility… but everyone can wear it!
Brighten up the wintry days with this burgundy colour poncho. The back of the poncho is shorter to make it easier for people in wheelchair users. It has a practical pocket in the front to have all your belongings with you, keeping your hands free.
Some styling tips? Add a belt right up to the pocket to stylize your body and enhance your waistline.

Brand: Knitrose

Sugar Scrub

January; new year, new body care routines. Immerse yourself in new exfoliation experiences with 100% natural, organic and fair trade ingredients. The Coconut and Vanilla body sugar scrub exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. It has a softening and soothing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. Natural sugar scrub oils will provide you with that enjoyment you crave from Spas.
Gently massages into the skin to remove dead cells leaving a silky feel. Lond Organic beauty has an extensive range of vegan and locally made products.

Brand: London Organic

Bálsamo de óleos Essenciais Cool

How do you take care of yourself? This massage balm, Lulu Balm Cool, is perfect for those moments of self-care and necessary breaks. With a refreshing active ingredient, it manages to provide relief for inflammatory skin processes, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, which cause discomfort and can show some impacts on self-esteem, even bruises, sprains, swelling in the hands, feet and ankles and also in liquid retentions in the body. 100% natural and made with a mix of essential oils, from lavender to grape seed, the balm effect reaches the nerve endings, and has its peak in 20 to 30 minutes after the application. The result? It provides a moisture touch and freshness to your skin.

Brand: Lulu Balm

Transparente 3D MasK – Brand Angelsgrace

We have a new essential accessory for our days: the mask. In these pandemic times, we need to protect ourselves and each other. But what if we could be more inclusive and have more human contact at the same time? This 3D mask, made by the brazil brand Angels Grace, allows us to do both: it helps lip reading for people with hearing impairments and allows to see our faces, which brings us closer to each other, due to the acetate display. It has a unique size, with adjustments on the back of the head, comfortable fittings and hypoallergenic elastics. To express yourself in your unique way.

Brand: Grace


We and our partners are doing the right thing. These brands are with us because their design with purpose: they design to people. And people are different, but we believe that create in an universal way is possible. Basically, it's a way to find yourself into fashion, always with your own particularities.

Smart Adaptive Clothing

Clothes with solutions to be easy to put on and take off, but fashionable. The objective is to provide effortless style.

Clothes for little people to equal access and diversity through fashion. A way to expressing individuality and social belonging.

An inclusive collection pieces that adapt to your lifestyle and for an wardrobe that’s easy elegant and effortless to wear.

SB Shop

We believe in universal design, values and purpose for every product that we create for a more inclusive fashion industry.

Elba London

Making bras easier to put on, but still look good and feel comfortable, that don’t compromise style for functionality.


Post-surgical apparel specially designed for individuals and caregivers, to minimize the difficulties and provide independency.

Madia & Matilda

Specialised in upcycled and sustainable fashion, each piece of the brand is handcrafted, turning old garments into new designs.


A fashionable soft protective helmet that works to combat many neurological conditions without compromising the personal style.


Imperfection Products

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Picture credits: Daniela Luquini

" I’m Samanta Bullock and I’m here to introduce you to I’mperfection..."

We believe that fashion is a transformation tool. And we translate this into the curatorial format. We indicate the main inclusive solutions: whether they are designed by us, within our own brand, or by brands we recommend.

But, why curate fashion with diversity in mind? We answer in a very simple way: because everyone gets dressed. Fashion is a tool that reaches 100% of people. Each product needs to make sense, have a purpose and work for everyone.

For this reason, different perspectives build each review that we publish - to represent in a more real and plural way who are the people that we reach, with representation always a focus.


Imperfect Inclusive T-shirt

Organic Black Cotton T-shirt. Promoting the idea of Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality in fashion. It comes with a QR code, scan the code for more details about the product.

Imperfect Inclusive T-shirt

Organic Blue Cotton T-shirt. Promoting the idea of Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality in fashion. It comes with a QR code, scan the code for more details about the product.